Improve Product Performance with the Fusion 360 Simulation Extension

Shannon McGarry March 8, 2022 1 min read

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Gain access to an assortment of simulation capabilities, including thermal simulation, structural simulation, and injection molding manufacturability with the Fusion 360 Simulation Extension.


What is the Fusion 360 Simulation Extension?

The Fusion 360 Simulation Extension is a set of simulation study types to help you investigate if your 3D design can be manufactured. Avoid costly rework by understanding how your design will perform under real-life conditions before manufacturing.

What are the benefits of the Simulation Extension?

What’s include in the Simulation Extension?

The Fusion 360 Simulation Extension offers key insights to product design performance and quality through mechanical simulation, structural simulation, and injection molding analysis tools. Features include:

Injection Molding simulation

Identify how your part design influences part manufacturability and part quality for plastic injection molded parts through guided results to get an aesthetically acceptable part that will perform as intended.

Non-linear static stress

Explore large deformation, motion, contact and load changes, and nonlinear material behavior during an event or an incremental change in loads.

Event simulation  

Predict how time-dependent forces influence 3D design performance.

Modal frequencies

Inspect the effects of natural, free vibration on your part or assembly to help you fine-tune your design.

Structural buckling  

Determine the critical buckling multiplier and modal buckling shape from a compression load applied to your structural component to develop a support or stiffening structure. Ultimately to prevent structural failure due to buckling.

Thermal steady state  

Trace heat transfer across your part or assembly to understand if your part may fail based on the maximum critical temperature of a component.

Thermal Stress Analysis  

Simulate temperature-induced stresses caused by temperature gradients in the model and varying thermal expansion characteristics of the materials.

Shape Optimization 

Achieve lightweight design goals by identifying material that can be removed from your design. While still achieving allowable stress and displacement objectives.

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