Connected Additive Manufacturing Workflows With the HP 3D Printer App for Fusion 360

Dan VanDeWoestyne March 6, 2023 2 min read

The HP 3D printer App for Fusion 360 allows you to connect and transfer print build information directly to your HP 3D printers from within Fusion 360. Learn how it can benefit your additive manufacturing workflows here.

In today’s fast-paced manufacturing environment, it’s imperative to be first to market and to meet your customer’s needs. This requires you to have streamlined and efficient additive manufacturing workflows.

Typical additive manufacturing workflows require the part model to be exported from the CAD system in a format that the printing software can use to process the build. Once exported, multiple print preparation steps may be required. This could include part duplication, build volume packing, and applying parameter settings to prepare it for printing. This disconnected workflow requires repetitive tasks for each new part. Thus, wasting valuable time and resources and creating opportunities for data translation issues or human errors. In a production environment, this process may be acceptable. However, in the prototyping stage, where a part may go through many iterations, inefficiencies become more obvious and costly.


HP 3D Printer App for Fusion 360

With the HP 3D Printer App for Fusion 360, you can connect and transfer print build information directly to your HP printer in Fusion 360. Once your print preparation is complete, simply select the printer you’d like to transfer the information to from the app and connect it. Once connected, you can verify the material loaded in the machine, select the print profile you would like to use, customize these settings, and then submit the job directly to the printer. You can also review the current job list for the printer and the status of job tasks from within the app.

With this connected workflow, you can easily manage design changes with associativity between design and manufacturing workspaces. If a design change occurs, the additive setup automatically updates in the manufacturing workspace to reflect these changes. This removes the need to repeat the build preparation process. All you need to do is connect to your machine and transfer the data for the new print.

With HP 3D Printer App for Fusion 360, you now have a powerful set of tools to increase your productivity. The app allows you to streamline additive workflows and reduce opportunities where expensive errors could occur. Thus, giving you confidence that you can meet your goals and customer needs.

Take a look at the following video to see the app in action:

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