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Paul Sohi October 15, 2019 6 min read
Well Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s coming to that time of year again where we party our butts off and keep partying. No not the holiday season psssssh. I’m talking about Autodesk University!

Autodesk University


Yes it’s back again, bigger, better, and more awesome than ever, crammed full of classes, workshops, talks from industry leaders, and my personal favorite part: product announcements. Oh those sweet sweet product announcements, how they get me hyped up for my future workflows, but I digress.


For those of you not familiar with Autodesk University, worry not! That’s what this post is for! Autodesk University is an annual conference held in multiple locations around the world, with the US edition being the keystone of them all. covering classes, talks, workshops, and idea exchanges for every single product Autodesk makes. So if you’re a Fusion 360 user that’s also interested in other Autodesk products, Autodesk University is your one stop shop to learn and try out every single one of them! Of course, beyond this, all your favorite Autodesker’s will be in attendance, and Cardboard Keqing might be making another appearance too (though you’ll have to find him on the exhibition floor this time!)


Of course, like every AU and Fusion 360 Academy, we’ll be running a design slam! Always worth checking out, and if you’re attending AU and want to take part in the slam, we want to hear from you! Just sound off in the comments below!


Autodesk university design slam
For those of you who are attending, or are thinking about attending, we’ve compiled a few of the classes we think are unmissable and essential for you, with convenient categorizations too!


Generative Design


Generative Design


We heard you, you want more classes and tutorials on Generative Design, well this year we’ve got you covered!


First off, we’ve got a great round table discussion being held by Generative Design Product Manager Michael Smell, and Machine Learning Research Manager Morgan Fabian! These two powerhouses will be taking you through what we’ve done with generative design so far, and what the future holds. It’s also an opportunity for you to give your input to us on what you want too see generative design doing in the future!  Machine Learning in Fusion 360: See What’s Here, What’s Coming, and What’s Next


T-splines, 3 Ways – Paul Sohi is coming in hot this year with his primer class for understanding T-splines, an essential part of the generative design workflow, T-Splines enable you to edit and manipulate generative design results. While Paul won’t be going over generative design set ups, he will be showing you how to post-process a part you’ve downloaded!


From England, Andy Harris, one of Autodesk’s industry futures specialists, will be running a class on how to maximize the benefits of generative design. Andy is one of the people instrumental in making generative design a thing, so this class shouldn’t be missed!  Maximizing the Benefits of Generative Design


Not much explanation needed for this one: want to learn how to maximize GD for manufacturing? Check out Adam James and Mason Myers class! Leveraging Generative Design technology to enhance product design for manufacturing


You might have seen that type 20 bus Autodesk worked on with VW, well, we’re talking through that whole journey at AU if you’d like to learn more!  Volkswagen’s type 20 Generative Design Journey


More of a designer than an engineer? Yeah, we got that covered too.  Generative Design Boot Camp for Product Design and Manufacturing


3D Printing


3D printing


Over at the Idea Exchange booth, Ryan Hays will be on site looking to speak to you about 3D printing with Fusion 360, and running a 3D printing center activity! Don’t miss that one!


Selling your ideas is as critical as designing and engineering them! Perry Kaye, CEO of Perry Terri toys takes you through how to maximize 3D printing for exactly this!  Selling Your Ideas Using Prototypes


3d printing. Machining. Space. ’Nuff Said.  A Next Giant Leap: Using Fusion 360 for Returning to the Moon and On to Mars


cam haas


Are you new to CAM? Looking to expand your skill set, or just need a refresher? Kevin Lee has you covered with his CAM Fundamentals class!  Fusion 360—CAM Fundamental Workflows


Too often we focus just on toolpathing when it comes to CAM, but there’s so much more we can do! Check out Kevin Ellingson’s class, Beyond the Chips to see how much deeper than toolpathing Fusion 360 CAM can be! Beyond the Chips


You know him, I know him, we all love him. John Saunders is coming in hot with a class all about how to grow into a 5 axis machine! Growing into a 5-Axis CNC Machine


Sometimes you gotta go big. Sometimes you need to do something really complex, and sometimes, you just wanna flex. Spender Hardcastle is going to show you all the ways Fusion 360 and Powermill can work together! I Got You Babe: When Fusion 360 and PowerMill Come Together




WAIT. I SEE YOU SCROLLING PAST THIS SECTION. I get it, API and coding can be scary, you’ve probably dismissed it as “not for me” or “too hard.” I promise you, it’s really not as scary and as hard as it seems! The API in fusion 360 is a hugely powerful tool that allows you to write your own scripts, and even make your own tools!! This is hugely helpful for a whole modicum of reasons, and heck, I’ll be there learning too! Patrick Rainsberry is going to take us through how to get started, and show you just how easy it is! Automating Fusion 360 with the API




Eagle PCB


So did you know that Fusion 360 talks to EAGLE? You didn’t? Bruh you gotta check this class out! Fusion 360 and EAGLE—Mechanical Engineering Meets the World of Electronics




We’re really interested in what prospects VR presents for the future of modeling, you can hear all about what we’ve got cooking with project sugar hill straight from Colin Smith, it’s product manager!

Conceptual Modeling in Virtual Reality with Project Sugarhill


Reality Capture


Everyone knows that reality capture and reverse engineering workflows are a hassle. At least, that’s what everyone believes, but Phil Eichmiller is here to show you how easy it can be! Reverse Engineering with Imported Data in Fusion 360


Design and Complex Geometry


Compound curves. I bet a few of you just shuddered reading that, but they don’t have to be scary! In this class Mark Chester will take you through how to design footwear and learn how to handle complex geometries in Fusion 360! Getting the Right Fit—Designing Footwear in Fusion 360




Alex Lobos is the unofficial king of Fusion 360, and he’s going to show you how he does all those tasty renders in Fusion 360!  Advanced Rendering in Fusion 360: Photorealistic Visual Storytelling


Data Management


teamwork collaboration


Last on our list, but genuinely one of the most demanding and important parts of any project. Managing the people working with you, and the datasets they’re working on can be a demanding task, but mercifully Ryan Johnson has got your covered! Fusion 360 Team Hubs Explained


And that’s it! This is just a quick roundup of classes that will be at AU on Fusion 360 but there are many many more. We strongly recommend you check out all the classes available over at


See you in Vegas!


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