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February 3, 2016 Update – What’s New

The majority of the fixes in this update were made in the modeling experience. More specifically in the Sketch and Offset tool. Issues found in Thermal studies, post processing tools, API, and CAM have been fixed as well as general usability.



  • Fixed crash issue related to saving changes and exiting the application with designs still open.
  • Fixed issue with exporting F3D to the cloud not working.
  • Added new functionality that allows you to window select zoom on a specific area.

window zoom.gif



  • Sketch: Fixed crash issue around going in and out of Sketch and editing a sketch geometry.
  • Sketch: Fixed specific crash issue when invoking Compute All after stopping a Sketch.
  • Sketch: Improved Sketch > Offset tool where you can automatically select a different direction to make the offset after you’ve selected an edge and not a loop.
  • Sketch: Fixed weird behavioral issue in the Sketch > Offset tool where the constraint between the parent and child geometry can be overruled when dragging the geometry.
  • Sketch: Fixed issue with the associativity of an offset being broken after you rotate the sketch with Move command.
  • Sketch: Fixed issue with dimensions of a second offset getting over-constrained when it is clearly not over-constrained.
  • Sketch: Fixed issue with constraint visibility.
  • Fixed issue with the Hole feature show incorrect operation ID after a distributed design link is broken.
  • Fixed issue with not being able to insert a Parts4Cad part.
  • Fixed crash issue with the timeline playback and marker scroll functions.
  • Fixed crash issue with opening a corrupted Fusion 360 file.
  • Fixed crash issue with going from box mode to smooth mode in the Sculpt environment.
  • Fixed issue where the Joint alignment preview didn’t actually match the final result.
  • Fixed issue where FBX files with a complex component hierarchy could not be imported into Fusion 360.
  • Improved “No Components in this design” error dialog with better messaging and context around what is required when creating joints.
  • Improved selection and deselection behavior in the timeline so that it is snappier and doesn’t linger.



  • Fixed issue with UI being too small after a “Reset to Default layout” on 4K resolution monitors for Windows OS.

Rendering & Materials

  • Improved 3D wood grain alignment to be more realistic to how it should look on various bodies you are modeling.


  • Fixed issue where edges cannot be selected as contour.
  • Fixed issue where API in CAM did not work well in the JavaScript environment.
  • Fixed issue where API cannot be used on old versions of the CAM sample files.
  • Fixed crash issue when you have duplicated operations and you’re dragging the original operation to the patterns folder.
  • Fixed crash issue when trying to simulate a Stock Transfer operation.
  • Fixed crash issue when using Tabs option in the 2D Contour operation for splines.
  • Added 3 sample Tormach libraries.
  • Post files not sync properly to the latest version of Fusion 360.


  • Fixed issue with images not being displayed correctly in the result reports you can generate as html pages.
  • Improved editing performance in thermal studies.
  • Fixed issue with Surface or Point Probes not changing its units according to the results legend.
  • Fixed crash issue when you create a second Point Probe on a design.
  • Fixed issue with warning dialogs not showing up when changing the value of Average Element Size to less than 3.
  • Fixed issue with constraint and load attributes not being inserted if visibility on of the component/body is turned off and then on again.


To get the update, simply restart your session of Fusion 360 and the update will automatically download.



Keqing and the Fusion 360 Team


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