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December 4, 2018 Update – What’s New



  • Offset Plane Issue Fixed
    We fixed a nasty issue where if you offset a plane from a face and dragged the manipulator in the backward direction, Fusion 360 got really confused and would spend all the time in the world on trying to perform that one single task.


  • Web Command Issue Fixed
    Wcf5016 found an issue with the Web command where it worked fine when he tried to create the first instance but would hang Fusion 360 if he tried it a second time. Jeff Strater and Phil Eichmiller jumped in and were able to pinpoint the issue, so we laser locked-on to bug and vaporized it. Now Web command should work fine.


  • ESC Key + Save/Upload Issue Fixed
    Apparently pressing Save or Upload repeatedly while holding down the ESC key made Fusion 360 very annoyed and it decided to stop working. Now it’s way more resilient at dealing with these kind of actions.


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