December 18, 2018 Update – What’s New

Keqing Song
by Keqing Song 2 years ago 2 min read


Offset Plane crash issue fixed

Offset Plane. Somehow it always attracts bugs and causes Fusion 360 to crash. We sanitized the place and hopefully it can keep it clean from now on.


CAM hole selection issue fixed

Robpicinic told us about a hole selection issue in the CAM workspace where selecting similar holes did not consistently select all the holes that matched the size and shape requirements.  Now it should.


3MF and MTT files extensions issue fixed

Apparently if you’re running Fusion 360 on a Mac machine and exported 3mf or mtt files, they incorrectly exported without a file extension and consequently were able to be imported into Netfabb. How embarrassing. This is now fixed.


Search Print Setting in additive machining setup issue fixed

We found a hiccup in the Manufacture workspace where if you input a value in the Search text box within Print Settings dialog, Fusion 360 came to a halt. Now when you do this, the filtered settings are shown and search should work fine.


Improved stability around Additive toolpath generation for parts that have supports structures

There were a few cases where generating toolpaths for setups that have Additive support structures caused Fusion 360 to become unstable. We tweaked the code and tuned the performance to be more stable.


Issue with Spot drilling using faces as geometry fixed

JonBoy5Axis reported that spot drilling using face geometry didn’t work like it used to. As we dug into this, we found some wonkiness in the code that marked interior cones as exterior, which was throwing the whole experience off. This is now fixed, and you should be able to select “Same Diameter” as well as the faces again.


Same Diameter Hole machining issue fixed

We noticed a bug in the Same Diameter Hole feature where only ¾ of the holes selected were being drilled. We drilled into this (pun intended) and squashed the bug. This would work without any issues from now on.


System browser not appearing on toolpath export issue fixed

When you clicked generate toolpath based on a setup that used a “Generic” Machine, exporting the toolpath didn’t bring up the system browser for you to select your location. What a roadblock, eh? We got this sorted out.


Incorrect Drill counter depth issue fixed

We fixed an issue reported by several of you in which countersunk or spot drilled holes in an assembly did not have correct depth calculations.

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