December 10, 2015 Update – What’s New

Keqing Song
by Keqing Song 5 years ago 3 min read

December 10, 2015
Version 2.0.1768


Fixed crash when opening tool library.
Fixed crash when right-clicking on “default folder” radio button while creating a setup.
Fixed issue where Fusion hangs when using Save Stock command in Simulation. (Mac only)
Fixed issue where rename cloud tool library creates a new folder.
Fixed crash when clicking the Make Default Folder button of a pending Pattern browser node.
Fixed issue where the Make Default radio button cannot be shown in the browser for Setup/Folder/Pattern browser nodes.


Fixed issue with the shaded view of a detail view where it is displayed incorrectly after a component is made invisible in an animation.
Fixed crash when closing View Properties after changing scale on El Capitan.
Fixed issue with the shaded view of a section view where it is displayed incorrectly after update to the base view scale.
Fixed issue where starting another command after selecting an edge for feature control frame/datum ID causes that command to not end correctly.
Fixed crash while creating a section view for assembly model.
Fixed crash when dragging a section annotation line in a drawing.
Fixed issue with the preview for a section view or detailed view is not correct.
Fixed crash with Get Latest in certain animation drawings.
Fixed issue where undo after Get Latest in an animation drawing causes the drawing to display incorrectly.
Fixed issue where Get Latest on an animation drawing can cause the balloons to display far from the component.
Fixed crash when closing an animation drawing after Get Latest and Undo.


Fixed issue where new materials are not permanently added to the favorites in the material dialog box.
Added localization support for 3D wood edit dialog box.
Fixed crash when you edit a material image and apply the change.

Stability and Performance
Improved compute progress bar calculation to use less CPU on large models.
Improved performance of area selection and the timeline for large models.
Improved selection performance.
Fixed issue with a user submitted model where an edit to a referenced component caused errors in the main assembly.
Fixed crash when zoom and fit in multiple viewports after change to the Display > Visual Style.
Fixed crash when importing certain STEP files.
Fixed crash when opening certain models.
Fixed crash when history tracking (timeline) is turned on in models with referenced components.
Fixed crash when opening a specific customer design.
Fixed issue with offline mode where network calls were still being made.
Fixed issue where Save dialog does not follow active/current Data Panel folder.
Fixed generic crash on Mac that appears after an application restart after a Fusion update or when switching between online and offline mode.


Fixed issue with simulations losing reference to components when Break Link is performed on referenced components.
Fixed issue where simulation material override is not remembered after Get Latest is performed.


Fixed issue with education installation on Mac where the application could not be found.
Fixed issue where Fusion install won’t launch if language is set to something other than English.
Enhance the streamer landing page, so that it can detect users who arrive there from Premiere Farnell.


Fixed issue where a tangent sketch constraint cannot be solved.
Fixed issue where sketch dimensions change color and are nearly invisible.
Fixed issue with sketches that contain equations. Not all the sketch geometry upda ted until the sketch was solved a second time.


Fixed issue where extrude-cut operations recalculate on edit and do not honor the Objects to Cut setting.
Fixed issue where Fusion 360 hangs during convert from T-Spline to BRep on certain models.
Fixed issue with the Select Referencing Joints command that caused it to not report referencing joints.
Update the parts4cad internal add-in to use the new URL provided by CADENAS.

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