Collaboration In Fusion 360 | Part 3 | Impact for Every Project Size

Trent Still August 6, 2020 2 min read


For Project Managers

Fusion 360 has and will continue to de-centralize the product design and manufacturing industries by empowering companies and users to work remotely without impacting efficiency and throughput. Follow along this three-part series to see how you can deploy Fusion 360 as a high-value asset to increase productivity, lessen the risk of missed release and launch dates, and hopefully add an increase in throughput to help your bottom line. 


Project Managers

In many instances, PM’s are responsible for ensuring the right information goes out to all parties involved in the project. Their job may have them collaborating with every single portion of the product lifecycle, or just one team. Regardless of touchpoints, their ability to parse information quickly and efficiently is a key to hitting margins, milestones, and ship dates. The following tool and workflow automate a tedious part of your job—drawing set creation. Use it to create a set of drawings to engage contract manufacturers, prototypers, fabricators, as well as clients when needed. With a couple of inputs, you can ensure brand identity, visual consistency, and required data are always present with whomever you’re working with.


Template Creation








Use Your Template








Alright, that’s it for our 3 part series on how Fusion 360 can be a value-added at any level in any job function. We hope you find ways to deploy these at all levels of your company or project, and for updates to these workflows or new feature releases, check out our Learning page. For the latest tutorials, web series, and live shares, follow us on our Youtube channel.


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