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Patrick Rainsberry Patrick Rainsberry June 25, 2015

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There is one very exciting aspect of this week’s release that I would like to draw attention to, “Request Quotes.” Fusion 360 is great for developing designs, but one challenge we run into is how do I actually get these designs produced or what if I want to produce parts through an external source? Enter BriteHub. 


I am very excited to announce our partnership with BriteHub to deliver a unique experience to Fusion 360 users to directly request quotes from the BriteHub supplier network. Hear more from Dorian Ferlauto, Founder, whom I have had the pleasure of working with for the last few months.


When we started BriteHub two years ago, we set out to create an interface that made it easier for designers to build relationships and work more efficiently with their manufacturers. We also wanted to create a value driven collaboration tool where manufacturers could work seamlessly with their customers to help sustain and grow their business. Along the way we were able to discover consistent pain points that are common among both burgeoning new product startups as well as fortune 500 enterprises. The road to production while exciting, takes a lot of work.


Today, BriteHub is a community of over 2,500 domestic and international manufacturers that can help with design for manufacturability, prototyping, and midsized to large production runs.  We have ushered in over 900 RFQ’s through our platform – mainly in semi-conductor, metals, and plastics – crossing industries such as consumer electronics, medical devices, automotive and we can’t forgot the Kickstarter campaigns as well. Check out a few here.



A few of BriteHub’s success stories. Left to right: MacoTuba, Ubooly, and Handground Coffee Grinder.


Not only does BriteHub connect businesses with manufacturers, but we have created collaboration and supply chain management tools to help your team manage the often-times disconnected RFQ to quote to purchase order process. We’ve created streamlined, transparent workflow tools that create better project management solutions both internally with your team and externally with your supply chain.



BriteHub’s supply chain management interface can simplify your workday. Streamline the RFQ to quote to purchase order process – host all files, and manage communication in a single location.


We are very excited to announce full integration with the Fusion 360 software package – making it easy for designers and engineers to go from CAD to RFQ in just a few clicks.

One of the many friction points people in the product space come across time after time is document and file sharing. It’s hard to collaborate when two parties are not able to effectively view a designed part so they are both working from the same foundation. In the road to production, design files and viewing of these files are key. As BriteHub explored solutions to this problem, we looked towards industry leaders, and of course Autodesk is an industry leader in this space.  


This partnership is a merging of digital design and manufacturing collaboration. The design for manufacturability process is often complex and requires consistent communication among many project stakeholders. Autodesk Fusion 360 is leading the way with cloud-based design, and this partnership brings that same level of collaboration to the manufacturability of the product through BriteHub’s  workflow tools. It is a match made in cloud-based software heaven.



Start receiving quotes from within your Fusion 360 file. Just select “Request Quotes” from the File dropdown menu.



Manage all your requests for quotes, files, communication and more with BriteHub’s cloud-based workflow tools.


Now, when you are finished with the design in Fusion 360 you can seamlessly turn that design into a BriteHub RFQ to connect with your network of manufactures or the BriteHub community of engineering and manufacturing partners. Your file will automatically land inside of the BriteHub interface – you will quickly be able to view it on the already integrated A360 viewer as well! BriteHub will then help you push your project forward by connecting you with the most appropriate suppliers that can turn your digital designs into tangible goods.




We could not be more excited for this integration and partnership. We are always looking to improve, so please check out this seamless addition to Fusion 360 and let us know what you think. We look forward to what lies ahead for this collaborative manufacturing partnership!





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