Batch.Works Presses Play with Autodesk Fusion for Sustainable, Kid-Friendly Headphones

Heather Miller Heather Miller February 12, 2024

1 min read

See how Batch.Works designs colorful, customizable headphones for kids with the planet in mind using Autodesk Fusion.

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Green and tan Batch.Works Kibu headphones on white background.

When it comes to sustainable products, not all are created equally. Greenwashing with deceptive, “eco-friendly” labels and claims continues to run rampant. But London-based circular manufacturing company Batch.Works is taking a decidedly different approach. Its transparent commitment to design and manufacture sustainable products for circularity is on full display from start to finish. 

Take its Kibu headphones as one example. Developed in partnership with East London design consultancy Moramma, the headphones are designed specifically for children and customizable with fun colors and features. The modular design accommodates expansion as kids grow—eliminating one more thing to throw away.  

Child wearing Batch.Works Kibu headphones.

A fused-filament fabrication (FFF) 3D-printing process is used to make many of Kibu’s components with polyactic acid (PLA). PLA is a biodegradable polyester created from renewable resources, such as sugar beets, sugar cane, and corn. 

Batch.Works sustainable Kibu headphones.

Batch.Works used Autodesk Fusion to design Kibu, enabling an iterative design process and more effective collaboration with their design partners at Moramma. “With both of us using Fusion, we could evaluate new ideas quickly without having to create prototypes outside of the software,” says Julien Vaissieres, founder and CEO, Batch.Works. “That is a key benefit of the platform and something we value a lot.” 

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