Top 10 Fusion 360 Classes & Events to Attend at Autodesk University 2022

Emily Suzuki August 22, 2022 4 min read

We’re back, baby! Registration is open for Autodesk University 2022, happening September 27-29 in New Orleans. You know what that means: it’s time to start packing your schedule with Fusion 360 classes and special events.

With over 75 Fusion 360 classes to choose from, we know this is an overwhelming task — in a good way! So, we’ve pooled the following 10 suggestions to get you started.

Fusion 360 Live Factory Experience

Each year, our team designs, develops, and produces a consumer product that we then fabricate live at Autodesk University. Attendees can explore our mini factory floor installation IRL and help build a product of their own to take home. This year, you’ll get the chance to make interactive name badges while walking through the entire development process.

Learn more here.

Factory Experience Deep Dive Demos

Attendees building their own air quality sensors at the Live Factory Experience in 2018.

After you attend the Live Factory Experience, make sure you join one of these few follow-up courses to get an even more in-depth look at the design process.

If you’re curious about the electronics side of the project, this class will demonstrate how to integrate mechanical design requirements and simulation into the product design process using the badge as an example.

Learn more here.

If design is more your jam, this next follow-up session explores how we used the Fusion 360 Product Design Extension to design the badges’ plastic casing. It’ll be a great way for you to connect the dots between the design and manufacturing process.

Learn more here.

Fusion 360 Design Slam

This crowd-favorite event is back and bigger than ever. Watch Fusion 360 experts (students, professionals, and Autodeskers) battle it out against each other as they compete head-to-head in the Fusion 360 Design Slam challenge. Come and witness their design skills live on stage, feel the energy, and decide who gets to walk away as this year’s design slam champion!

Learn more here.

Futures Briefing: Design & Manufacturing Solutions

Digital transformation is a journey that looks different for every organization. Join Autodesk Product Design and Manufacturing leaders to understand how we’re building design and manufacturing workflows into a fluid, frictionless experience across multiple disciplines. You’ll hear directly from our leadership, product managers, and partners and gain insights into how our roadmap impacts production efficiency.

Learn more here.

Design with Just 12 Commands: The Essential Modeling Commands in Fusion 360

Attention Fusion 360 beginners! In this interactive demo/training class, we’ll create a real-world design in Fusion 360 only using just 12 commands in the Design workspace. Once you’ve grasped these 12 commands, you’ll have the skills to create moderately complex designs — it’s that easy. You’ll leave the class with important basics under your belt and the confidence to explore the rest of Fusion 360 at your own pace.

Learn more here.

Thinking Big: An End-to-End Tool for Heavyweight Assemblies 

Got massive assemblies? No problem. This class will demonstrate how Autodesk Fusion 360 can handle deeply complex components designed with both top-down and bottom-up modeling strategies. You’ll explore a real-world example — a physically huge 3D printer built at the University of Warwick and Autodesk’s Birmingham Technology Center — to show how Fusion 360 effortlessly handled the complex model.

Learn more here.

Generative Design: Getting Into the Flow

There are so many great generative design classes to choose from this year! If you’re looking to learn about the latest and greatest the tool has to offer, this class is for you. Join this demo for an in-depth look at running flow analysis using generative design. Explore how to analyze the flow of liquids through open areas of a model and review where pressure drops can happen.

Learn more here.

BBi Autosport + Hoonigan Take On Pikes Peak 2022

Join Dmitriy Orlov from BBi Autosport — a Porsche-centered performance tuning and engineering facility — for an inside look at the car they built to race at Pikes Peak International Hill Climb 2022. Orlov and his team used generative design in Fusion 360 to reduce weight, optimize flow, and build the highest-caliber machine possible to take on the demanding race. You definitely won’t want to miss this epic presentation.

Learn more here.

Solve Real-World Manufacturing Challenges Using Fusion 360 Extensions

Manufacturers all around the world are trying to increase efficiency by reducing scrap, increasing quality, reducing cycle time, and automating traditionally manual processes. Check out how the Fusion 360 extensions address these challenges by eliminating disconnected platforms and offering specialized technologies.

Leran more here.

Products with Cultural Identity: Connecting Design, Technology, and Tradition

When designing new products, it’s easy to focus on new technologies and futuristic forms, overlooking cultural heritage. Join Alex Lobos, Graduate Director of Industrial Design at RIT, as he discusses how to take advantage of new innovative tools for designing, making, using, and connecting products while maintaining a strong connection with the user’s cultural identity. You’ll explore Checho, a voice-controlled smart home hub designed in Fusion 360, as an example.

Learn more here.

We can’t wait to see you in New Orleans. Register for Autodesk University 2022 here. You never know what you might discover:

Attendees experiencing immersive virtual reality Positron chairs at Autodesk University 2018.

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