Watch These 10 Fusion 360 Classes From Autodesk University 2021 For Free

Emily Suzuki Emily Suzuki September 28, 2021

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Autodesk University 2021 is officially over, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. That’s right — you can watch most of the Fusion 360 courses from the event online for free whenever you want. There is over 50 Fusion 360 sessions to choose from, so what are you waiting for?

Stephen Hooper, Vice President and General Manager of Autodesk Fusion 360, presenting during the Autodesk University 2020 D&M keynote.

Following in last year’s footsteps, Autodesk University 2021 was a free, virtual event. In the spirit of keeping the learning coming, most of the Fusion 360 courses from the event are still available to watch online for free at your leisure. Even though the event has passed, the Autodesk University 2021 course catalog can be overwhelming — in a good way! There is over 50 Fusion 360 sessions to choose from, each focusing on a different profession and different skillset. There are multiple options for beginners new to CAD, machinists, engineers, and designers. To help you choose where to start, we’ve put together a list of our 10 favorite Fusion 360-specific courses, including Ask Me Anything sessions, live Factory Experiences, industry panels, modeling demos, and more.

Fusion 360 Form Tool and Surface Modeling

It’s time to get comfortable with the form tool and surface modeling in Fusion 360 (we know they can be intimidating). This course delves into the best ways to use these powerful tools, when you should use them, and why. Hint: The key to maximizing these tools is building a level of prediction for what your actions will produce. To learn more, check out the course recording at the link below.

Watch ‘Fusion 360 Form Tool and Surface Modeling’ here.

Become a Fusion 360 Simulation Expert in 60 Minutes


Fusion 360 simulation software offers a rich set of analysis types to simulate real-world problems. Whether it’s simple static stress, optimizing a shape to reduce weight, or simulating a bird hitting an airplane, it’s all there. The hardest parts of simulation are setting up properly so your results are as accurate as possible and figuring out the best manufacturing method. In this course, you’ll learn tips and tricks that demystify simulation and strategies to avoid common mistakes.

Watch ‘Become a Fusion 360 Simulation Expert in 60 Minutes’ here.

Fusion 360 Multi-User Assembly Design Collaboration

As workforces become more remote in a post-pandemic world, working together and designing products as a team becomes much more challenging. Cloud-based products like Fusion 360 remove many barriers to connecting and collaborating with remote team members. The cloud-connected capabilities of Fusion 360 let you step away from the office but maintain connectivity with your team. In this demonstration, you’ll experience how multiple team members can work simultaneously and remotely on a distributed assembly while avoiding conflicts. Additionally, you’ll get to check out our new collaboration capabilities and advanced assembly design techniques.

Watch ‘Fusion 360 Fusion 360 Multi-User Assembly Design Collaboration’ here.

Fusion 360 Live Factory Experience

During this virtual experience, we designed a UV sanitizing device for mobile phones and other small items. The product uses the full Fusion 360 platform to go from concept to production. You’ll follow staff around our Birmingham Technology Center as they show every step of the manufacturing process, including additive and subtractive manufacturing, electronics fabrication, and final assembly.

Watch the ‘Fusion 360 Live Factory Experience’ here.

Lights, Camera, Render! Take Your Fusion 360 Rendering to the Next Level

The intuitive and easy-to-use software tools within Fusion 360 make it simple to carry out tasks like rendering a product. However, there’s much more to the rendering workspace in Fusion 360. This hands-on, deep-dive session is for those who want to take their Fusion 360 rendering to the next level. We looked at workflows that address building custom materials, setting up environments, and adding small details, such as layer lines on 3D prints and concept arrows.

Watch ‘Lights, Camera, Render!’ here.

Generative Design: Back to Basics


This class is your official introduction to generative design in Fusion 360. Generative design enables you to set the criteria for a part you want to design by setting up the connection, boundaries, materials, and loads. You then upload the information to the server, and it will return results and options for how your part can look, weigh, and react to the loads applied. When you find a design that works for you, simply download and modify it or use it in an assembly.

Watch ‘Generative Design: Back to Basics’ here.

Parametric Mesh Editing and Reverse Engineering for Fusion 360

This class and live demonstration took a deep dive into the new parametric mesh features in Fusion 360 and explore common workflows. These features enable innovative parametric mesh editing capabilities, as well as instant reverse engineering of a 3D scan. If you work with technology such as 3D scan data or mesh files, this class is for you.

Watch ‘Parametric Mesh Editing and Reverse Engineering for Fusion 360’ here.

Should I Print or Machine This Part? Learn Which Process to Choose and Why


Depending on the needs and application of your part, deciding between additive and subtractive manufacturing affects your design approach, cost considerations, and outcome. In this workshop, Xometry’s Greg Paulsen teaches you when, how, and why to choose 3D printing over traditional processes early in your design process. After this session, you will better understand the strengths of popular additive processes like powder bed fusion, fused deposition modeling, and more when compared to CNC milling and turning.

Watch ‘Should I Print or Machine This Part?’ here.

Expanding Diversity and Inclusion in Manufacturing Workforce Development

This panel brought together manufacturing leaders from companies such as Humanmade, SFMade, Tesla, Cruise, and Aproe who work at the intersection of manufacturing innovation, workforce development, and opportunity equity in their organizations. The speakers shared case studies, success stories, and approaches to increasing diversity and inclusion in manufacturing. They also shared examples of approaches, such as passive versus active inclusion, holistic inclusion, and partnerships across corporate, government, education, and community sectors.

Watch ‘Expanding Diversity and Inclusion in Manufacturing Workforce Development.’

Ask Me Anything: Fusion 360 Electronics


In this session, attendees asked technical experts their burning Fusion 360 Electronics questions. Whether you’re a beginner just starting out or an expert needing some support, there are bound to be useful tidbits in this recording. ‘We hosted similar ask Me Anything’ sessions for all areas of Fusion 360, such as machining, design, and collaboration. Be sure to check out our full course catalog to find the right topic for you.

Watch ‘Ask Me Anything: Fusion 360 Electronics’ here.

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