Autodesk Fusion Community Spotlight — November 2023

Annaka Ketterer Annaka Ketterer November 8, 2023

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Welcome to the Fusion 360 Community Spotlight, a series where we highlight fantastic projects, conversations, and events happening throughout the global Fusion 360 community. Let’s get started!

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This fall we can’t wait to share with you some the amazing projects we have seen over the past few months. From finding creative ways to explain complicated concepts, saving wildlife, and using Fusion to create a trailer to travel the country, we are simply blown away by your creativity. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite projects from the past few months:

Customer stories:

Apama: A Robot That Sews Nets Underwater to Support the Growing Aquaculture Industry

Take a detailed look at Southern Ocean Subsea’s design process for Apama, an underwater, net-repairing, sewing robot. from prototyping with Autodesk Fusion to planned commercial release.

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From Tires to Speakers: Infinite Acoustics 3D Prints Speakers Using Upcycled Materials

Infinite Acoustics is an acoustics company that creates 3D-printed speaker cabinets using recycled materials, breathing new life into industrial and consumer waste. The company’s products are built on demand in local micro-factories to minimize their carbon footprint and enable customized, on-demand production. 

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How Brash Uses Autodesk Fusion 360 To Help Startups Realize the Full Potential of Their Innovations

All images courtesy of Brash Product Development.

A deep dive into how product development firm Brash uses Autodesk Fusion 360 to support startups from idea to product. Brash Product Development is a one-stop shop for startups bringing new products to market, primarily based in Ottawa and Chicago. The company distinguishes itself by providing a wide range of services in-house, including product design, mechanical engineering, industrial design, UI/UX, branding, and marketing, among many others.

Cooling Down Africa: Breezing Through EasyFreeze100 Product Development With Fusion 360

Image courtesy of Amped Innovation.

Amped Innovation, a social venture in the Autodesk Foundation‘s portfolio, developed EasyFreeze100, a 100-liter solar-powered freezer, to redefine off-grid refrigeration in rural Africa and work towards a future where everyone has access to refrigeration and, in particular, freezing. Amped Innovation’s line of affordable solar-powered appliances has impacted 300,000 lives so far, a number that will only grow with the addition of the EasyFreeze100.

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Community conversations

The Fusion international forum community just got a little bit bigger! This October, we unveiled a new Korean Autodesk Forum. Here you will be able to engage with Autodeskers and community members alike all in Korean!

Curious about what other international forums are available?  Check out our international communities today: 

– Deutsch 

– Español 

– Français 

– Português 

– Türkçe 

– 中文 (Chinese)  

– 日本語 (Japanese) 

– 한국어 (Korean)  

Community events:

Join us at Autodesk University 2023

Autodesk University 2023 happens next week! At AU, you’ll find many Fusion-specific events and classes that will be sure to help you develop skills, grow your community, and deepen your knowledge. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out these classes and add them to your itinerary:

Become a Fusion 360 Insider

Want to engage more with the Autodesk community and test the latest build one month before it’s released to the general public? Check out the Fusion Insider program!

The Autodesk Fusion Insider Program enables you to access the next version of Fusion and all the new features, improvements, and fixes, 3-4 weeks before the general public. As a member, you’ll gain inside knowledge of when we are deploying an update, what’s new, and what’s coming next. You’ll also have the opportunity to join exclusive events, have access to Insider previews, try pre-release functionality, and give feedback straight to the product teams. 

Learn more about the Fusion Insider Program here.

And that’s a wrap for this Fusion 360 Community Spotlight. Keep an eye out on our blog for more to come. In the meantime, happy modeling!

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