Design and Make With Fusion: A Conversation With Marcus O’Brien, Stephen Hooper and Derrek Cooper

Emily Suzuki Emily Suzuki April 24, 2024

1 min read

In this episode of the AutoCAD podcast, you’ll learn about how the Autodesk Fusion Industry Cloud is paving the way for the future of connected product development.

There’s been a lot of buzz around the Fusion Industry Cloud since we shared our progress at AU 2023. If you’re eager to learn more about our vision and future plans for the platform, this episode of the AutoCAD Podcast has you covered.

The episode features host Marcus O’Brien, VP of AutoCAD, interviewing Stephen Hooper, Vice President of Design and Manufacturing, and Derrek Cooper, Vice President of Data and Process Management about the Fusion Industry Cloud and how the Autodesk Design and Make Platform is pioneering an integrated product development experience.

You’ll also get an in-depth look at how Autodesk enables its robust network of partners, like CloudNCMakersite, and Cadence, to join us in transforming the product design and manufacturing sectors. It truly gives you a behind-the-scenes peek at Autodesk by hearing directly from the people who support the future of the design and make industry.

Listen to the full episode below and on Spotify and Apple Podcasts or via the video below.

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