The CloudNC CAM Assist Automation Add-in for Fusion 360 Is Now Available  

Anna Lazar Anna Lazar September 15, 2023

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The CloudNC CAM Assist Automation Add-in for Fusion 360 translates 3D models of 3-axis components into machining strategies in seconds.  


The demand for faster, more efficient manufacturing processes to improve efficiency and throughput has never been higher. Autodesk partners with industry innovators to help meet these demands with modern technology like the CloudNC CAM Assist add-in for Fusion 360

CAM Assist is a step change for precision machining that automates toolpath strategy creation and easily integrates with existing setups. It harnesses advanced computer science techniques, translating 3D models of 3-axis components into professional machining strategies in seconds.  

Strategies and estimations that might have once taken hours or days to develop are now available almost immediately. To use the add-in, Fusion 360 users simply upload their 3D model and watch as CAM Assist crafts the requisite CNC machine instructions. 

Redefining CNC programming productivity


The manufacturing industry continues to struggle with a skills shortage, and CNC machine programming is a specific bottleneck. CloudNC’s automation capabilities allow experienced programmers to invest their time more wisely, while junior employees can rapidly climb the learning curve, contributing to complex projects much sooner than traditionally expected. 

CloudNC’s trials of CAM Assist alongside veteran CAM programmers revealed a consistent trend: Users can diminish programming times by up to 80%, relative to manual methods. “CAM Assist has become an indispensable daily tool with Fusion 360, ushering in new opportunities for my business and simplifying programming, thereby accelerating our delivery times even further,” says Andy Soos, Managing Director at Bedford CNC. 

“By making CAM programmers faster, CAM Assist enables manufacturers to increase machine uptime, slash lead times, improve process stability, and upskill staff to become expert machinists more quickly.”—Theo Saville, Founder, CloudNC. 

Discover the future of precision manufacturing


What was once a time-consuming, intricate task of deciding the best strategy for CNC machining, which involved selecting from an overwhelming array of tools, toolpaths, and techniques, is now streamlined by CAM Assist. The add-in swiftly determines the optimal strategy and toolset for a given part, adjusting cutting speeds and feeds based on the user’s library.  

Ready to outpace the competition with the CAM Assist add-in for Fusion 360?

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