August 11, 2015 Update – What’s New

Keqing Song Keqing Song August 12, 2015

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We have a new update available that fixes a number of issues reported by our community and users like you. Those of you who’ve reported crashing issues on startup as well as graphics issues such as models being black will be glad to see that this update has addressed them. Simply restart Fusion 360 when you’re ready to take the update, and it should automatically start downloading in the background. Refer to the list below to learn about the issues that have been fixed.




Material Display

Fixed black models issue on Intel HD graphics cards.

Materials Favorites

Fixed the Favorite material library could not be migrated.


Fixed issues with scaling and Retina displays.


Fixed startup crash on Mac Intel HD 5300 and HD 6000 graphics cards.


Fixed startup crash on Windows machines related to graphics display.


Fixed graphics relate freeze issue on startup after maintenance update issue.


Cloud Rendering

Fixed issue with the cloud rendering not respecting the Ground Plane Offset setting.

Cloud Rendering

Fixed decals that were turned invisible were still displayed in cloud rendering.

Ray Tracing

Fixed ground shadow was not visible during local render (ray tracing).

Ray Tracing

Ray tracing rendering data is now updated when the main scene is changed.




Variable Radius Fillet

Fixed bug in variable radius fillet where the EDGE interval may not be included in the range of the underlying curve for periodic curves.


Fixed parametric compute issue with sketch-based features.


Fixed MAC issue Control + left click was not displaying the context menu in the history timeline.


Fixed crash after undo of pipe creation in the Sculpt workspace for parametric models.


Fixed old sketch data did not show new sketch visual enhancements around connected vs. disconnected sketch points.


Fixed crash issue on edit sketch in certain situations.


Fixed crash issue after using the heads-up display in sketch curve creation commands.


Fixed crash issue in specific cases with sketch offset command.


Fixed issues where some parts were not updated when trying to get latest changes in multi-nested assemblies.

Distributed Design

Improved performance of distributed designs.


Fixed highlighting of objects when creating an extrude feature.



Fixed crash issue when creating a new drawing from a distributed design in certain circumstances.

Creation Time-out

Fixed time-out crash issue when creating a new drawing from a design.




CAM Post Processor

Fixed Mac only issue where the type option in Properties of turning post processor could not be edited.

CAM Post Processor

Fixed issue where Drill was not available in a turning setup.

CAM Post Processor

Created a new post file for CNC Router Parts.

CAM Post Processor

Fadal post – added to support spindle speed.

Selca post – fixed motion modality.

CAM Tool Library

Fixed crash issue when using the New Tool command.

CAM Tool Library

Fixed issue where the tool shown in the document folder is wrong after a tool number change in certain workflows.

CAM Tool Library

Fixed issue where the parameter values were displayed incorrectly after a unit change in certain workflows. The values were correct but were not displayed correctly.

CAM Tool Library

Improved the edit tool functionality in the Tool Selector dialog box.

CAM Cloud Libraries

Fixed crash issue when editing the tool libraries while in offline mode.

CAM Operations

Fixed issue with the initial status of parameters being incorrect after a tool is changed.

CAM Simulation

Fixed crash issue when quickly selecting then unselecting the Stock option in Simulation.

CAM Mill-Turning

Fixed crash issue with mill and turning 3+2 drill operation.

CAM Document Tools

Fixed issue where tools in other designs could not be used in the active design.

CAM Document Turning Tool

Fixed turning tool tolerance could not be changed.




C++ Scripting

Various fixes and improvements to the C++ scripting experience in Fusion 360 API.

Reframed template project DEFAULT for C++ Scripts.

API Addins – ProtoLabs

Removed the error dialog when Fusion starts without a network connection.

API Addins – BriteHub

Updated BriteHub Addin:

1. Moved the command from Fusion file menu to the Add-ins toolbar dropdown

2. Removed the redundant icon.

3. Added compiled python files.

Fusion API – Joint

Changed JointInput.jointMotion to InDesign.

Updated the API samples accordingly.

Fusion API – Stitch

StitchFeatures.createInput() accepts an optional enum for the third parameter. Since the default value is not defined in NIDL, the generated C++ header will get an uncertain one. The fix adds a default value to NIDL.

Fusion API – Component

Changed Design.ActivateRootComponent to Design.activateRootComponent in NIDL.

Modify the description of Products.itemByProductType(string productType) to let user know where they could find the parameter ‘productType’.

Fusion API – Sketch Curve

SketchCurve.split/SketchCurve.trim/SketchCurve.extend accepted an optional bool for the second parameter. Since the default value is not defined in NIDL, the generated c++ header will get an uncertain true or false here. The fix adds a default true to the NIDL definition.

Fusion API – Launch Time

Fixed old behavior where copying the API library files added an additional 3 seconds to load Fusion 360 on Windows and 0.2 seconds to load on Mac. Now load time is 0.12 seconds on Windows, 0.05 seconds on Mac.





Fixed bug related to distributed designs and the Animation workspace.

Data Panel

Added versions to the item detail card in the Data Panel. Click the “i” to expand the detail card then click “Click here to see versions” to display the three latest versions.

Activity Commenting

Fixed crash issue after waking from sleep. The crash was related to commenting properties.

3D Print

Fixed crash issue on Windows when exporting to Cura 15.06 slicing software.


Updated icon for reorder in Loft command.

Online/Offline transition

Fixed issue where users were not notified correctly when Fusion 360 services were back online after an update.


Fixed crash issue when you update to latest Fusion while a legacy file is in the upload queue.

Web Viewer

Added exposure display to large model viewer in A360.


Fixed issue where A360 timestamp was not updating properly after edits to a design.


Fixed crash issue during a document save, a message is displayed for the user and the file will not be uploaded to the server.

Mac App Store

Fixed issue with drawings framework for users on the Mac App Store version of Fusion 360.

Apple El Capitan beta

Fixed crash issue on launch on El Capitan beta. This is a 2-part fix, where part 1 is done. Part 2 is undergoing testing.


Fixed issue where user is unable to extend trial for Student/Educator license due to bad country code in URL.


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