April 8, 2015 Update – What’s New

Keqing Song
Keqing Song April 9, 2015 2 min read

In our effort to continuously improve the quality of the software we will release an update today. With the major back-end update from last month under our belt, a number of issues have come to our attention. Many of them have to been reported by you, and we’d like to address them right away. Here is a list of areas and the issues we fixed.


Access Improvements:

Update fixes for users that have non-ascii characters in their OS log-in name.

Issues with drawing creation after Inventor or Product design suite installation on the same machine.

Some materials were not displaying correctly with cloud rendering.

Some students have reported problems in signing up for the student license.

Unexpected save/upload issues have been fixed 

Fusion 360 no longer hangs/require force quit when you decide to quit Fusion 360 in the middle of data upload. 

If an error occurs during Autosave, then corrupt F3D files are no longer uploaded to the cloud. 


Form Function and Fabrication improvements:

Features now show as active when activating the root. 

The reference value input box of the Hole command can now be moved when snapped to the center of a cylinder face. 

Hole origin no longer jumps to the other side when editing the hole.

Crash in scaling some tsplines.

Crash inserting certain models.  [http://forums.autodesk.com/t5/sketching-sculpting-modeling-and/trying-to-insert-another-design-into-current-design-crashes-the/m-p/5516797]

CER fixes in the CAM environment. 


Team Collaboration fixes:

Invite field is no longer disabled when the Fusion 360 project is created from A360 via the web browser. 

Version time stamp now shows the correct date and time across Fusion 360 and A360. 

An error message will now show up If a design is deleted from the data panel even though it is current open in an editing session. 

Fixed an issue with public sharing of some Fusion 360 drawings.


You will see a notification letting you know that a update is available after 6 PM PST tonight. You can keep working without interruption, but if you want to get the update right away, restart Fusion 360 and the update will kick in. Thank you for all your pro-active responses. We will continue to improve the quality the stability of Fusion 360 moving forward. 


The Fusion 360 team 

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