April 2022 Product Update – What’s New

Keqing Song April 21, 2022 3 min read

Introducing the new Fusion 360 product and icon styles 

You might be thinking: “hmm…something looks different”. You’re not wrong – we have updated our brand identity to the latest style that is being adopted by all Autodesk products. The look will also carry throughout other areas of the product, such as document icons, installer UI, splash screens, and about boxes. One advantage of this update is the inclusion of badges in the icon themselves. This should better differentiate between what you have installed, and what you are running on your machine. For example, the GIF below shows what the old Insider build (previously known as Pre-production) looked like. The icon itself was identical to the production build. Now the new one has an “Insider” badge on it, making it more clear of what it is.

Buy Flex Tokens when you need them 

Now in the Tokens & Cloud Credits section of your preferences, we’ve added the option for you to buy Tokens. Autodesk Flex is a new pay-as-you-go subscription service like Cloud Credits, but it has one major advantage: flexibility. Flex tokens are being adopted by many of our other Autodesk products, including Inventor, AutoCAD, Revit, 3ds Max, Maya, and many more. Not only are you able to spend Flex tokens on specific in-product functionality, but you’re also now able to spend it on the products themselves, and at a rate that makes for you and your team.  

Thank you for your patience and continuous support; we are working hard to help everyone transition through this process, and we recognize that some of you have experienced issues. If you have questions or need help, feel free to reach out to us in the forum and we’ll help you out.

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New and Improved Manufacture Post Processors  

With every product update, we are also updating many of our open-source Post Processors and Machines we support at no cost and completely free to download. This update includes new milling post processors for Makino machines, Mill-turn post processors for Mazak machines, additive post processors for Dremel printers, and Plasma post processors for Langmuir Crossfire Plasma cutters. We also made a bunch of improvements in existing post processors; check out the comprehensive what’s new in this forum post.  
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Tool Holder Libraries are now collapsible 

No one likes to deal with a cluttered work area, and as part of an effort to improve the user experience around navigating tool libraries, we’ve added the ability for you to collapse and expand tool holder libraries in the Select Tool dialog. Note that on initial entry into the dialog, all holder libraries will be in a collapsed state by default. The dialog will remember which one you’ve expanded, so you don’t have collapse and expand your most frequently used libraries over and over.

Coming Soon: Share Internal Components & View Inventor Parts in Component View

 Gone are the days of needing to copy an internal part out of an assembly to share it with partners or manufacturers – now you can share internal components directly from Fusion Team without having to share the entire parent assembly. Just go to Component View in Fusion Team (the “Components” tab), find the internal part or assembly you want to share, click the option menu to the left of the component name, and share the component! 

When looking at an assembly’s structure in Component View, you’ll also notice you can now see Inventor parts linked into the assembly via AnyCAD. So whether you’re using Inventor models for purchased parts or bringing Inventor parts into Fusion for manufacturing, they will be included as part of the assembly structure in Component View, complete with thumbnails and metadata. 

For more information on Component ViewSharing from Fusion Team, or AnyCAD, please visit the respective help pages. 

Improvements & Fixes  

To learn more about other improvements that went into this update, our extended list of fixes to issues reported by you, as well as known issues, check out the related Known Issues, Improvements and Fixes forum thread below.

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