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April 13, 2016 Product Update – What’s New

The new Fusion logo is here

You may have noticed that your update now shows a brand new Fusion logo and icons!fusion_360_branding


Navigation Improvements

  • Kb9ydn reported this issue where the orbit center (the green dot) doesn’t show up when you’re zoomed in too closely to a specific body that is part of a larger design. It was a bit shy, and now it’s visible regardless of how much you’re zoomed in.
  • We updated the order of how the Pan, Zoom, and Orbit options are laid out in your preferences. This makes it a bit more logical to go through.


Better Data Options

  • Many of you have reported an issue where you weren’t able to open or save designs created in old versions of Fusion 360 after the last update. Our bad – this is now fixed.  
  • Previously when you wanted to export a design from Fusion, IGES was the default file format that was selected in the file type drop-down menu. Why? No idea, so we changed it to the Fusion archive format (F3D) as the default.
  • There was an issue where if you wanted to export a component, the export would fail if the component name was not a valid file name. This is now fixed, and even better, when you do an Export or Save as STL on a component, it’ll auto-populate the component’s name so you don’t have to type it anymore. Thanks eric.strebel for suggesting this in the IdeaStation woohoo for doing less (busy) work! 

 Better Measure Behavior

  • Previously when you used the measure command, it was difficult to select the center of a circle or various snap points of interest. Now when you want to measure something, hovering over geometry will show you various points of interest where you can snap to, hold the Command/CTRL key to alternate between your snap points, and voila (just like how our Joint tools work). This should make it much easier to determine critical dimensions.



Graphics and Rendering Improvements

  • We found a weird graphics issue where the filleted corner of a SAT file was not displayed properly, showing white jagged corners. This is now fixed.
  • There was a weird bug where the quality setting of the ray tracing option is stuck in quick mode even if you have it set to advanced mode. Restarting Fusion was the only way to fix this, but now we nipped it in the bud and it’s fixed.
  • You can now set your own rendering environment default settings in the preferences such as scene, background, floor and lighting settings for new designs. This way you don’t have to set the same environment settings every time you do a rendering. What’s even better is that if you log into a different machine, your preferences will carry over and if that machine doesn’t have the material you had set as default, it will automatically download that material for you. Boom.


Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 1.45.07 PM

CAM Improvements

  • Thanks to adamvs for submitting this Ideastation post: you can now copy and paste toolpaths between open Fusion 360 documents! SO pumped about getting this out :thumbsup:
  • Templates can now include notes, where they can be stored and reused.
  • There was a strange graphics issue where if you started a turning operation and switched to the radii tab, the canvas grid showed its values all scrunched together and the Z axis arrow manipulator would appear massive and extremely pixelated. It totally reminds us of playing Turtles in Time and throwing Foot Soldiers towards the TV screen. Good times. Now it’s fixed.


Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 3.30.00 PM


A360 Enhancements – Sketchup Export

  • Good news! Many of you have asked for it – you now have the option to export designs in the SketchUp format from their respective A360 pages.


Other fixes

  • We found some wonky behavior around the getting started panel and how it would show up on every untitled document. That’s just silly, so now it only shows up when it’s supposed to.
  • There was also a case where the settings set in the getting started panel didn’t always carry over to the actual preferences, which they should. This is also fixed.
  • There was a crash issue where if you changed your active units in the browser and switched to the Animation workspace, back to Model, then back to Animation, Fusion  360 would get frustrated at you and crash. It’s now more mature and will no longer throw a fit.
  • Brian.Elemental reported this simulation issue where the simulation report did not follow the deformation scale. We couldn’t have said it any better: “No matter what deformation scale I choose the report seems to pick it’s own scale”. This is now fixed by our Sim gurus.


What to expect in May

Our upcoming May update will include a boat load of 2D drawings enhancements.

Also good news for all you rendering addicts – background local rendering will also be landing in May, which means you’ll soon be able to render and work on the same design simultaneously. Yes, this means you can finally click around and not worry about the render starting over.


Thanks again for all your support and feedback, we love hearing from you. Stay tuned for the next update!



Keqing and the Fusion 360 team



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