2022 Fusion 360 Drawings Recap

Clint Brown Clint Brown December 13, 2022

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The Fusion 360 Drawings team has been really busy this year. Here’s an update on just some of what we built this year and details on how to tell us about what you’d like to see next.

Object Properties

You can now set line type, width, and color for all objects on a drawing and bring in document settings from a template or other drawing. Additionally, you can toggle dimension gaps on or off to meet your requirements. This gives you significantly more control when creating standardized drawings. Additionally, color controls have been added to sketching and text creation tools.

Fusion 360 Drawings – Hole Charts


You asked, and we delivered. We think our hole tables are pretty cool. Click the link above to dive deeper. Learn more about hole charts here.

Revision Tables, Markers & Clouds


Drawings now have revision tables, clouds, and markers. You can learn more here.

Fusion 360 Drawings – Auxiliary Views


This feature basically does exactly what it says on the tin! Whenever you need to create a view normal to or aligned to an edge, we’ve got your back. Learn more here.

Model Properties in Title Blocks


This is a big one! You can now insert Model (reference) properties such as Part Number, Part Name, Material, Mass and Description into your title blocks.

These properties are “model aware.” So, if your drawing displays an Assembly (or part of an assembly), the properties displayed will be for the assembly. Then, if a change is made and the drawing only shows a single part, so the properties will reflect just that part, and vice versa. Learn more here.

Mass unit overrides in Title Blocks and Parts Lists


It’s now possible to override the Mass units on Parts Lists and Title Blocks. Double-clicking on either a parts list or a title block will bring up a new option that allows you to override the displayed Units. By default, units follow the Document Settings. So now it’s easy to set precision or change the displayed units entirely. 

Arc Length Dimension


Auxiliary Views makes adding detail to features on faces at an angle a lot easier. Learn more about this new feature here.

Jogged Radius Dimension

Learn more about this new feature here.

Open model from Drawing View

Once a view is selected, right-clicking on the view will allow you to open the design, making design edits easier and saving lots of time. “Open Design from Drawing” supports modeling, animations, and external components. 

Duplicate Sheets

Now you can create duplicates of drawing sheets. It works just like “Duplicate Slide” in PowerPoint. Simply right-click on the sheet bar to duplicate the sheet. All drawing elements are copied with all references, making the new copy independent of the original.

Advanced Print Controls

Print drawings at any scale set offsets, and do multi-sheet printing. This gives you more control over your print controls.

Pro Tip: Choose just the sheets you want to print from the sheet bar, then right-click and choose Print. Furthermore, you can type in any scale you like, including fractions or numbers (e.g., 1/3 or 0.33).

And then some!

Meanwhile, we also updated and improved the following:

We want to hear from you!

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We’re also looking to talk to customers about new features. If you’d like to shape the future of Fusion 360 drawings, please get in touch with us via this link.

Fusion 360 Drawings Roadmap

The Fusion 360 Drawings public roadmap is also a good place to see what we’re up to. So check it out by clicking on the image below. Pro-tip, book a Zoom session with the team via the yellow box in the top right-hand corner of the roadmap.

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