100K Garages and FATHOM Services are Available

Patrick Rainsberry Patrick Rainsberry November 18, 2015

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A few months ago, we released a new menu into the software called “MAKE.” This really represents a bigger vision we have for the Future of Making Things and the idea of connecting designers, manufacturers, users, and processes directly. We do not believe that engineers and designers should consider manufacturing as an afterthought to the design but rather as an evolving process within the design environment itself.


With that, I am extremely excited to announce two new partners with integrations into the MAKE menu this month, 100K Garages and FATHOM. Both of these forward thinking companies represent another step closer to the ultimate goal of a connected design and manufacturing ecosystem. Together I believe we will be bringing a fantastic new set of resources in to the Fusion 360 community.




First, let me introduce 100K Garages who is delivering on the promise of locally sourced manufacturing and fabrication:


“At ShopBot Tools we see local manufacturing again becoming a practical way to have products made. Affordable digital tools of all kinds can help re-enable small production shops, yet tools are just one part of the solution. In 2008, we created 100KGarages as a network connecting those needing to have something fabricated using digital technology with local fabbers offering production using powerful new digital tools. Offering a wide range of additive and subtractive fabrication services, 100kGarages has grown to almost 1000 shops fabricating worldwide.”

-Bill Young, Special Projects ­ ShopBot Tools, Inc.




Next, I’d like to introduce 3D printing experts FATHOM, a company at the cutting edge of advanced manufacturing and accelerated product development. We are very excited about a number of special projects we have going on with FATHOM, but first let’s talk about the addition of a MAKE menu item:


“FATHOM, at its core, is about bringing innovative products into the market at a more rapid pace,” said FATHOM Co-Founder and Principal Michelle Mihevc. “The SmartQuote platform integrating with Fusion 360 will allow designers and engineers to collaborate, prototype, and go into production much faster. We’re excited to partner with Autodesk to give the entire Fusion 360 community quick 3D printing access.”


“The plugin removes those few tasks that can really slow down the quoting and ordering process, like file conversion or STL resolution concerns,” said FATHOM Director of Research Carlo Quiñonez. “Designers and engineers will be able to go from digital concepts to physical parts more quickly and efficiently than ever before.”


So with that I would like to welcome both 100K Garages and FATHOM to the Fusion manufacturing partner network and say thank you for your efforts and commitments to bringing these services into the hands of our Fusion 360 customers. I look forward to seeing what the community will create together.





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