Autodesk Simulation Summit

25th June, The Sheraton Grand, Pune

Manufacturing Solutions Day

Understanding Percieved Quality

The dominance of manufacturers in today's world is no longer dictated by superior manufacturing quality alone, but increasingly hinges on the customer's perception of quality. Research has shown that perceived quality has become a significant factor influencing purchasing decisions. Suggesting manufacturers should surpass customer expectations.

Bridging the gap between engineering and customer perceptions of the end product is vital. The flexibility of plastics can be harnessed to elevate perceived quality, and modern technologies such as upfront simulation capabilities, methods, and processes enable engineers to design, manufacture, and deliver products more efficiently and swiftly than ever before.

In the forthcoming "Autodesk Simulation Summit," we aim to bring together industry experts, global executives, and key customers to delve into the topic of perceived quality. We will address the challenges in achieving it, explore potential solutions, and exchange best practices to propel manufacturing organizations forward.


9-9:30 am



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Customer Pannel Discussion


Group Activity: Simulation Exchange


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Insight Presentations: Simulation Exchange


Autodesk Solution Presentation

12:45 Onwards

Networking Lunch

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Hanno Van Raalte

Product Manager, Autodesk Simulation Moldflow Products

Hanno van Raalte studied Mechanical Engineering at Twente University in the Netherlands. He has been involved with Injection Molding Simulation since 1997 and has headed product management for Moldflow products since 2007. He currently lives in the Boston area in the United States.

Sachin Fulsundar

Technical Solutions Expert, Autodesk India

Sachin specializes in Autodesk Simulation Portfolio. At Autodesk, he has been working with various manufacturing solutions including Fusion 360 and has been involved with Autodesk Moldflow Pdts for over 20 years. He is the moderator for this discussion.