Water Drops: A batch of lesser-known workflows that deserve the spotlight

Midori Patterson Midori Patterson November 7, 2023

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This release of Water Drops workflow videos is exceptional – that is, we go over some of the lesser-known capabilities of our software packages that we want to make sure aren’t overlooked.

For example, did you know you can also design sanitary networks in InfoDrainage? Or, have you ever wondered how other Innovyze products (specifically, InfoWater Pro) can transfer data to Civil 3D? Find out how in the workflows below. Plus – you’ll also find incredibly practical instruction for our InfoWorks products, including 2D modeling objects in InfoWorks ICM and workspace creation in InfoWorks WS Pro.

Basic sanitary networks in InfoDrainage

First up, InfoDrainage’s powerful Network Design Wizard can help automate not only the design and sizing of your stormwater networks, but your sanitary networks as well. In this video, you will learn how to create a basic sanitary network, add sanitary flow data, and then automatically size your pipe network accordingly.

Using InfoDrainage for sanitary network design.

2D objects in InfoWorks ICM: What are they and how do I use them?

InfoWorks ICM is an industry-leading product when it comes to powerful 2D modeling capabilities. But how do you actually build, modify, and review a 2D model? Ryan Brown gives us a crash course in all of InfoWorks ICM’s 2D modeling objects and demonstrates how to use them. This video covers model buildings from polygons, how to add linear structures to your 2D mesh, and how to utilize terrain-sensitive meshing. Not only is this a great overview for those who might be new to 2D modeling, but advanced modelers may find a new tool or capability that can elevate their practice to the next level.

A great, comprehensive “how-to” video for getting started with InfoWorks ICM.

Workspaces in InfoWorks WS Pro

Next, Hunter Sparks showcases the process of creating workspaces in InfoWorks WS Pro. This video is intended for modelers, consultants, and engineers looking to highlight, present, and share specific information within their network and database. The workflow includes opening the network, adding run results, themes, labels, graphs, and creating and naming the workspace. This video highlights the workflow in InfoWorks WS Pro, but it could also apply to InfoWorks ICM. The benefits of this workflow include improved data visualization, the ability to share data across projects and project teams, and the ability to reuse a setup with different data and databases.

Whether craftsperson or artist, everyone works better when they tailor their workspace to their needs.

Transferring InfoWater Pro data to Civil 3D for pre-design work

This video provides a tutorial on how to transfer information from InfoWater Pro to Civil 3D. It is aimed at utilities, developers, and modelers who are interested in using hydraulic modeling information for pre-design work. The video demonstrates how to export information from InfoWater Pro to ArcGIS Online and then import it into Civil 3D using the Autodesk connector for ArcGIS. Then, we can add labels and convert the information into a pressure pipe network.

You can get there from here: InfoWater Pro > ArcGIS Online > Civil 3D.

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