A fresh batch of Water Drop workflow videos

Tim Medearis Tim Medearis August 10, 2023

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As summer winds down and students get back to hitting the books, you can step up your hydraulic modeling skills with four new Water Drop workflows. I’ve also been told these are great to listen to while enjoying a late summer afternoon thunderstorm.

Another Civil 3D and InfoWorks ICM integration

Ryan Brown takes a look into our newest beta feature which improves the data exchange between InfoWorks ICM and Civil 3D. Instructions on how to take advantage of this new feature are included at the end of the video.

The integrations between InfoWorks ICM and Civil 3D continue to tighten.

1D/2D analysis of overland flooding

Where will the water go if my stormwater controls or manholes overflow? Midori Patterson answers this question by taking a look at coupled 1D/2D analysis within InfoDrainage. This helps drainage designers and regulatory agencies have increased confidence in their designs and plan reviews.

How to run a coupled 1D/2D analysis within InfoDrainage.

Better source tracing with MSX

Next, I take hydraulic modelers into the fully included MSX (Multi-Species Analysis) module within InfoWater Pro. Advanced water quality analysis can seem daunting, but using MSX to do a simple multi-source trace as shown in this workflow is a great way to get started with this powerful water quality module.

Learn a quick way to get started with MSX.

Creating thematic maps

Finally, Hunter walks through the simple process of creating thematic maps within Info360 Insight to help show real-time, consolidated time-series data within a useful map display. By having a very accessible and clear snapshot of their network, operators and modelers have the information they need at their fingertips to react quickly to ever changing conditions.

Create quick visual snapshots of how the system is operating at any given time.

Get them when they drop

We’ve been releasing new Water Drop videos every month since we began this project. Every time we add a new one, we include it on our Water Drop YouTube playlist. You can be updated every time we release a new video by subscribing to our YouTube channel and turning on notifications.

Also, if you have suggestions or requests for Water Drops content, please fill out our extremely simple survey.

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