3 fresh Water Drop workflow videos: pipe-sizing automation, fireflow analysis, and new cloud capabilities

Midori Patterson Midori Patterson May 22, 2023

1 min read

Happy Spring, everyone. You know what they say: April showers bring May Water Drops! It’s certainly true where I live in Denver, Colorado. Earlier this month, we had 1/3 of our annual rainfall occur in just 72 hours. Streets, roads, and (unfortunately) my basement were flooded. It was a prescient reminder of why hydraulic modelers and adequate drainage designs are so important, which brings us to three fresh Water Drop workflows.

InfoDrainage’s new design logic switch

First, we look at an important design logic switch recently added to InfoDrainage’s powerful Network Design Wizard, which can eliminate manual iteration in your pipe sizing process, while also taking into account multiple project priorities. We look at how you can use scenario management to make the most informed drainage design decisions to minimize excavation and minimize pipe diameter.

Fireflow analysis in InfoWater Pro

Tim Medearis takes us through a quick workflow demonstrating a fireflow analysis in InfoWater Pro. More importantly, he talks about how to do some result manipulation to take those fireflow results, combine and join them, prioritize them, and demonstrate those results graphically within InfoWater Pro.

InfoWorks ICM’s cloud capabilities

Hunter Sparks and Ryan Brown demonstrate the simple, yet powerful, workflow of InfoWorks ICM’s new cloud capabilities. These capabilities were released in InfoWorks ICM 2024, and this video demonstrates that improved collaboration across modeling teams and across different agencies to enable faster computational power for multi-scenario simulations.

Fill up on more Water Drop videos

This is our third batch of Water Drop workflow videos, and every time we add a new one, we include it on this YouTube playlist. You can be updated every time we release a new video by subscribing to our channel and turning on notifications.

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