Webinar: iAgua & Canal de Isabel II

Eric Suesz Eric Suesz April 24, 2023

1 min read

We recently organized a webinar with iAgua (article also available in Spanish) to discuss in depth the digitalization of the water industry. The event was organized to show how technological innovation is transforming water management in municipalities, which often comes not just from within their organization but also through work alongside their consultants and contractors.

The webinar talks about how we’re collaborating with Canal de Isabel II, the public utility company in Madrid, Spain, to help them digitize their water management systems. This partnership aims to improve the efficiency and sustainability of the company’s operations by leveraging InfoWorks WS Pro and InfoWorks ICM software to simulate and optimize water distribution networks. The software enables real-time monitoring and analysis of water quality and quantity, as well as predictive maintenance of infrastructure.

Listen in as iAgua Founder and Director Alejandro Maceira and Canal de Isabel Coordinator of Innovation Antonio Lastra talk about how technology is playing a fundamental role in moving them to a more digitized, profitable, and sustainable water infrastructure.

The webinar details how Canal de Isabel II is working to implement the software across its network of over 400 water treatment plants, reservoirs, and pumping stations that serve more than 6 million people in the Madrid region. The collaboration is expected to facilitate the company’s transition to a more resilient, data-driven water management system.

Don’t speak Spanish?

The webinar is in Spanish, but it is possible to turn on auto-translated subtitles on YouTube. Just hit the CC button and adjust your settings to auto-translate subtitles into the language of your choice.

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