Ready to get started with our cloud capabilities? Here’s what our customers ask us before diving in.

Casey Chaisson Casey Chaisson April 14, 2023

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Are you curious about the recent release of cloud capabilities for our desktop modeling products? Our subscription offerings now include advanced features like cloud-distributed simulations, cloud-based storage for single and multi-user databases, and streamlined project database management.

But with all these exciting new capabilities, you may have questions about the access to the cloud-based features, the security of your data, and support for the products. In this FAQ, we’ll address some of the most common questions we’ve heard since last week’s release to help you fully understand the benefits – and make easier for you to quickly get started.

Who has access to these new capabilities?

Cloud capabilities and services are only offered with Autodesk-licensed subscriptions of InfoWorks ICM Ultimate and Standard, InfoWorks WS Pro, InfoDrainage, and InfoWater Pro. Cloud capability is included with versions 2024.0 and up, with support for database and engine versions going back to 2023.0.

What is the cost of cloud simulations?

Cloud simulations are included with the base subscription cost or daily token rate for InfoWorks ICM Standard or Ultimate and InfoWorks WS Pro.

Are there limitations on how many cloud simulations I can run?

Cloud simulations are limited to a monthly quota per user. However, this quota has intentionally been set very high to allow for a large volume of multi-run simulations. On the rare occasion that the monthly quota is used up, cloud access will be limited to one simulation at a time. If this occurs, we ask that you contact Autodesk support.

Is my data safe in the cloud?

All cloud data and simulations are managed within the highly secure foundation of Info360 cloud environment, which is built from the ground up around security within AWS. You can refer your IT team to this overview of our Info360 security guidelines so they will be confident in our tight security measures.

For cloud security and regional compliance purposes, your organization can select one of three supported regions where your data will be hosted:

Is it faster? You bet. We put desktop and cloud side-by-side and sped up the video 30X to visually show you how they visualy compare running the exact same simulations.

How do I set up my cloud account and install these capabilities?

All InfoWorks ICM and InfoWorks WS Pro subscriptions now include our new Info360 Cloud Model Service, which you’ll see as an entitlement at (log-in required). An administrator for your account can click Access from that service and set up the Hub. Once that’s complete, any licensed user with version 2024.0 or later and an internet connection will be able to connect and work with cloud databases.

There is one installer for each product on the site, which installs the full set of capabilities to work both on-premises and in the cloud. The Thales-based installers for perpetual licensed customers come with the cloud features disabled.

For more detailed information on how to get started with cloud capabilities, refer to our help sites:

Can I move an on-premises database to the cloud, or do I have to start from scratch?

Nearly all data can be copied directly from on-premises to the cloud or transferred using a transportable database. This process will preserve history and relationships the same way as copying between on-premises databases. Note that InfoWorks WS Pro users will need to make sure their models are in the “Merge version control” mode before transferring. More information is available on our help site about merging changes.

Do I have to run my simulations in the cloud?

Cloud adoption is fully voluntary for each organization. Administrators of each account can choose whether to create a cloud hub before any users can push data to the cloud. All software will still function on-premises as it always has in the case that no cloud access is provided to users.

Once a hub is created, the software allows users to switch freely between standard local/workgroup databases and cloud databases. This means your teams can continue to keep their primary databases and projects on-premises while exploring the cloud database capabilities in parallel before fully adopting. The only caveat is that the simulations must be run from the location where the database is hosted. So, cloud data runs in the cloud and on-premises data runs on-premises.

Is the interface different working in the cloud vs on premises?

The interface of working in the cloud and on-premises is nearly identical except for some key details that have been tuned to better leverage cloud capabilities. Since the experience is so similar, you can easily confirm whether you’re working in a cloud database by hovering your cursor over the database to view the database path. Read more on our help site on the differences between working with cloud and on-premises master databases.

Will the data storage always be free and unlimited?

Access to cloud storage is currently included in the base subscription of our products through Autodesk subscriptions. Updates to our cloud access and structure where applicable are published in advance on our public water roadmap.

Will cloud simulations always be free?

Access to cloud simulations is currently included in the base subscription to our products through Autodesk subscriptions. Updates to our cloud access and structure where applicable are published in advance on our public water roadmap.

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