Water Talks in droplet form: The answers you need in the time that you have

Tim Medearis Tim Medearis March 13, 2023

2 min read

Your challenges are our challenges.

While this statement may sound cliché, I think it rang true for the thousands of viewers of our Water Talks webinar series over the past three years. Since April 2020, we’ve reached 30,000 registrants, hosted 14,000 live attendees, and answered over 2,600 questions! We’ve heard from the best and brightest in the hydraulic modeling community (including nearly 50 client stories) and are more than grateful for the strong community engagement you’ve given to us.

Now, it’s time for us to evolve.

In December, we asked this community what type of content it found most valuable. Based on their excellent feedback, we’ll be creating more bite-sized Water Talks – what we’re calling ‘Water Drops’.

Many people like our longer discussions – but more people wanted step-by-step workflows.

The first of many to come

The videos below are all 15 minutes or less and focus on popular customer challenges, efficient workflows to stretch your Autodesk solutions further, and innovative toolsets we know can bring instant value to the projects you are working on.

They each:

We hope you find them helpful, and we will be regularly updating our dedicated Water Drops playlist throughout 2023. You can be updated whenever a new video drops by subscribing to the Innovyze YouTube channel and turning on notifications.

Tim Medearis on Digital flushing journals

Learn how to improve water quality, delight field crews, and more efficiently deliver flexible unidirectional flushing sequences in InfoWater Pro.

Ryan Brown: superior capacity planning using SQL

See how simple and accurate capacity planning can be while learning some basic SQL coding in InfoWorks ICM to upskill your technical knowledge.

Hunter Sparks shows you tagging system schematics

Experience the ease with which time series data can be linked to schematics and images with our cloud platform in Info360 Insight.

Midori Patterson and extended property sets

With new features comes added efficiencies. See in a few steps how drainage design can be more easily integrated into Civil3D (free trial) to remove design iterations and potential steps for human error.

What should we drop next?

Last – but not least by a longshot – we want to hear more from you. Fill out this quick two-question survey and tell us what questions, workflows, or challenges you want us to tackle. How can we make your work more efficient and ultimately more enjoyable? Let us know!

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