Introduction to InfoWater Pro: free learning series

Eric Suesz Eric Suesz October 18, 2022

1 min read

InfoWater Pro is a powerful application made for ArcGIS Pro-loving water professionals. If you’re just getting started and need tutorials to show you the way, this post is for you. We’ve created this series of videos for InfoWater Pro, and it’s completely free and open to everyone.

Who uses InfoWater Pro?

InfoWater Pro is typically used by GIS practitioners looking to answer hydraulic questions. They can easily model water networks from within the familiar ArcGIS Pro and take advantage of spatial analysis and visualization tools.  This is not to be confused with InfoWorks WS Pro, which is often used by engineering teams who don’t require ArcGIS.

You can watch the course right here – or head over to YouTube and bookmark the playlist. Note that for this course, you do not need to download any files. You’ll be able to follow along with files that come pre-installed in the app. You may also want to reference the support docs on our support portal.

Video 1: Model Explorer and Run Manager

Video 2: Adding Elements to Your Model

Video 3: Modifying Network Elements

Video 4: Patterns, Simple Controls, WQ Setup

Video 5: Running a Model and Reviewing the Results

Video 6: Fireflow Analysis, Part 1

Video 7: Fireflow Analysis, Part 2

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