Now Available: Watch AU 2022 AutoCAD Classes On Demand

AU AutoCAD Sessions On Demand Feature

Didn’t make it to Autodesk University 2022? Never fear! The AU team has you covered.

This year many presenters recorded a digital version of their class specifically for on-demand viewing. That means you can watch AU 2022 AutoCAD classes whenever it’s convenient as well as download presentations and handouts.

Here’s just a small sampling of the content available now. Head on over to the AU search page for more AutoCAD classes!

AutoCAD Tips, Tricks, and the Most Dapper Drafting Techniques
Always an annual favorite! It’s the fifth installment of the multi-award-winning AutoCAD Tips and Tricks class that’s supercharged the productivity of thousands. Throw the caution of “that’s how we’ve always done it” to the wind, and learn innovative ways to make AutoCAD work for you. From simple to advanced, Donnie Gladfelter will share the latest techniques AutoCAD has to offer and discover new ways to use existing tools.

Unlock your team’s full potential with My Insights and Team Insights
Over the last year, the My Insights program has helped more than 200,000 AutoCAD users by delivering personalized insights each month, making them more productive and informed than ever before. Brian Souder and Camille Cheong share how you can make of My Insights and Team Insights and a sneak peek at what’s in store.

AutoCAD: Are You Collaborating and Comparing Yet?
Shaun Bryant (CadJedi) details how to collaborate quickly and effectively to share, drawings and views, and work with the new Trace technology available in AutoCAD 2023. Find out how to compare DWG files with DWG Compare and maximize your external reference files using the XREF Compare function, to make sure you are using the correct iteration of your design. So, as Shaun says….are you collaborating and comparing yet?

Autodesk University 2022 Class

Digital Workflows with AutoCAD on Web and Mobile
Looking to transition to a complete digital design process that works wherever you are? Unlock the full potential of your subscription through anytime AutoCAD access. In this class, Jiacheng Li, Montgomery Graf, and Amarjeet Sonkar explore the benefits of these tools and walk you through several day-to-day workflows that leverage some unique capabilities available on AutoCAD on the web and mobile.

Where Is Your Next Project?
In this 30-minute class, Dr. Nick Chanakoulas, Civil Engineer and Head of Customer Success at Plex-Earth, introduces the concept of Remote Surveying. Through project cases, you will learn how to apply its holistic approach by integrating aerial and satellite time-based imagery, detailed terrain modeling, 3D drone data, and real-world design validation techniques in Google Earth’s environment, as part of your design process with AutoCAD.

“Connect the Dots in the Cloud:” Understand AutoCAD integration with ACC
Vinod Kumar Balasubramanian, Bastien Mazeran, and Elliott Rosenfeld introduce you to connected workflows between AutoCAD and Autodesk Construction Cloud, including a detailed walkthrough on reference drawings and their relationships within Autodesk Docs. They also share some best practices and tips, from the Desktop Connector to file-locking, drawing file operations in AutoCAD for cloud-based storage, and more.

Check out the AU search page for more AU 2022 AutoCAD classes!

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