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Where is your next project?

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    Can you imagine what would happen if you could have a complete view of your area right at the moment you really need it? Even before you draw the first line in a blank AutoCAD or Civil 3D drawing at the very beginning of the preliminary design? Many good things, but given that redesigns and reworks are among the most significant threats to the practicability and sustainability of construction projects worldwide, you would avoid bad decisions and design errors that could lead to time wastage, schedule derailing and cost overruns. In this 30-minute class, Dr. Nick Chanakoulas, Civil Engineer and Head of Customer Success at Plex-Earth, introduces the concept of Remote Surveying. Through project cases, you will learn how to apply its holistic approach by integrating aerial and satellite time-based imagery, detailed terrain modeling, 3D drone data, and real-world design validation techniques in Google Earth's environment, as part of your design process. So, where is your next project?

    Key Learnings

    • Using aerial/satellite imagery and terrain data, for understanding the overall picture of a project
    • Access major imagery (Google Maps, Nearmap, Hexagon) and terrain providers (Google Earth, Cesium, AWS) from within AutoCAD
    • Utilize historical images from Airbus and Maxar, to view the progress of a project or how a disaster affected an area
    • Overcome the risks associated with incomplete understanding of site conditions, from the early stages of designing