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"Connect the dots in cloud" to understand AutoCAD integration with ACC

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    <p>In this class, we will introduce you to connected workflows between AutoCAD and Autodesk Construction Cloud. You will see a detailed walkthrough on reference drawings and their relationships within Autodesk Docs. How user can leverage the full potential of Desktop Connector to validate reference files, maintain associativity and establish versioning of drawing files in Docs. Later we will introduce the integration of file locking feature into AutoCAD and its benefits while sharing drawings through projects in ACC. We will share some best practices in terms of handling drawing file operations within AutoCAD for cloud based storage. Finally, we will wrap up with some key tools that will enable you to collaborate efficiently and increase productivity through Autodesk cloud solutions.</p>

    Key Learnings

    • How to configure &amp; utilize Desktop Connector for better Cloud connectivity
    • How to create &amp; maintain reference relationships for AutoCAD drawings through Docs
    • How to utilize file locking feature for better collaboration during project lifecycle
    • How to utilize reference explorer &amp; drawing migrator for bulk uploads to cloud