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AutoCAD: Are You Collaborating And Comparing Yet?

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    AutoCAD turned 40 this year, and has certainly moved along since those MS-DOS days! You can now collaborate quickly and effectively with the superb tools that AutoCAD provides and compare DWGs and XREFs to monitor any project changes. Attend this course with Shaun Bryant (CadJedi), a LinkedIn Learning [in]structor who has over 33 years of AutoCAD experience, and benefit from his expertise. Learn how to collaborate quickly and effectively, sharing drawings and views, and work with the new Trace technology available in the AutoCAD 2023 desktop app. Find out how to compare DWG files with DWG Compare and maximise your external reference files using the XREF Compare function, to make sure you are using the correct iteration of your design. So, as Shaun says....are you collaborating and comparing yet?

    Key Learnings

    • Work with Share Drawing and Shared Views in AutoCAD
    • Utilize the AutoCAD web app to share design information
    • Compare iterations of DWG files with the DWG Compare function
    • Compare iterations of external reference files (XREFs) with the XREF Compare function