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A True Common Data Environment by Integrating Platforms with Autodesk Construction Cloud Connect

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    Come and learn about a real-client-focused common data ecosystem. Our vision is that we can give our clients seamless access to their project data at any given time. By adding a secure yet open integration layer that continuously integrates between our and the client’s common data environments, the data is centralized yet supported on the best applicable platform. Our clients can work in their own environments, which integrate into our platform. From this presentation, you’ll learn from our journey, integrating the internal BAM systems into one so our employees can quickly access, use, and reuse the information. Whether it's referenced information in data archives, open data sources outside, or otherwise, our employees should be able to easily find and reuse it. With Autodesk Construction Cloud Connect and Autodesk Forge, we created the ecosystem so clients can always have access to the right data at the right time in their own systems. It’s an ISO 19650-compliant solution that enhances quality for our clients.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about CDE and integrations through BAM’s case study.
    • Learn from BAM's challenges and lessons learned.
    • Learn about the business value of true client focus.
    • Learn about the benefits of a practical application of the ISO 19650.