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Photogrammetry automation with your phone and Autodesk Forge
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If you are in civil engineering, architecture or manufacturing, it is likely that you need to capture existing conditions and store them in a digital form. The Forge Reality Capture API can help with that task. The Forge Reality Capture API covers the photogrammetry workflow.

In this class, we will cover how to build a mobile app that lets you select images on your smartphone to create a photoscene that can be submitted to the Reality Capture API for processing and viewing the resulting 3D mesh model in the Forge Viewer on your mobile phone.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to leverage the Forge Reality Capture API to generate 3D mesh model from your camera roll pictures
  • Learn how to create a mobile app with Expo
  • Learn how to use Amazon AWS Lambda Functions
  • Learn how to use ClaudiaJS to automate the deployment of AWS Lambda Functions



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