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eVolve Your Electrical Models to Fabrication
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Come see the eVolve Revit software add-in from the end user’s perspective. The eVolve add-in facilitates in electrical design and detailing the automation of numerous manual tasks in detailing/installation drawings needed for fabrication, all via the Revit software platform. Corbins Electric, developer of this add-on, has taken Revit software for electrical to the next level. Revit software users now have highly intelligent custom family components, modeling tools, drawing creation tools, and visual-graphics tools. These tools improve productivity, efficiency, and accuracy—all to reduce waste and cost on the design and fabrication processes. Come hear Corbins explain why it was developed, as well as how much it has improved their efficiency. They will take you on their journey of how they employ eVolve add-in to expedite modeling, spooling/sheet sets, and layout performance. Corbins will showcase family content for modeling, output of material buyout to purchasing, as well as sheet-set creation. This session features Revit MEP. AIA Approved

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to ease transitioning from AutoCAD to Revit for electrical fabrication
  • Discover unique modeling tools and content for electrical fabrication
  • Learn how Corbins Electric got rework down from 50% to 2%
  • Learn how to create Spool Drawings-Sheet Sets for fabricating conduit routings



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