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Working in Fusion 360 for Inventor Users: How and Why

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    As a longtime Inventor user, the speaker found Fusion 360 software interesting, but also challenging. The workflows were close enough to Inventor to be easily accessible, but different enough to be challenging. And just how does this cloud storage thing work anyway? But the speaker kept at it enough to the point of comfort in either platform. So why bother? Besides the obvious answer that learning new software is in their job description, the speaker found that it’s a great platform for easily doing many simulation analyses. And when they started exploring the 3D machining tools, they found the same thing applied there. Plus, it's easy enough to acquire for home use. So, if you haven’t tried Fusion 360, but you know Inventor or a similar platform, spend an hour to learn the workflows, and save many more!

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about two good situations to use Fusion 360 instead of Inventor.
    • Discover two good situations to use Inventor instead of Fusion 360.
    • Learn about basic Fusion 360 design workflow and how it differs from Inventor.
    • Learn how to model, analyze, and machine a component.