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Workflow Study of a Large Scanning Project Completed for NASA with ReCap Pro

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    Are you considering or have you already been awarded a large scanning project, but are unsure how to complete it within schedule? This class provides instruction for significantly improving the workflow for conducting large scanning projects. We discuss the firsthand experiences of a 2-person team that used ReCap Pro software to collect and register 1,800 color scans from a 250,000-square-foot NASA wind tunnel facility in just 14 days (one-quarter of the estimated time). We provide a full project walkthrough from planning to data delivery. Topics covered include motivations for the project, descriptions of tools used to complete the project, and an overview of the in-field workflows employed by the 2-person team. The lessons and insights provided during this class will save you time and money and prove invaluable for your next scanning project.

    Key Learnings

    • Use ReCap Pro and the NASA team experience to create new scanning workflows
    • Plan and budget for very large and complex scanning projects
    • Make better use of multiperson data collection teams
    • Perform in-field techniques that significantly speed up data acquisition