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A Winning Combination: 3ds Max 2019 and Revit Interoperability
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This class showcases the interoperability of 3ds Max software with other products, such as Revit software and AutoCAD software. This class is all about linking and reloading files from other software products into a 3ds Max scene. We will start by learning about the various settings that can be configured while linking a Revit (.rvt) file. We will then create a new linking preset and modify it as per specific requirements. Learn to use the new preset to bring a Revit file into the 3ds Max scene. Finally, we will use a variation of the source Revit file and learn how to load those changes to show up directly in the 3ds Max scene. If time permits, we will explore the interoperability of AutoCAD and 3ds Max software products.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to configure the settings for linking a Revit and an AutoCAD file
  • Learn how to create a new linking preset for a Revit file
  • Learn how to link the Revit file into the current 3ds Max scene
  • Learn how to update the linked Revit file directly in the 3ds Max scene




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