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The Why and How of AEC Hackathons

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    This is an introduction to hackathons and how we can use them successfully to drive innovation and team performance in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) environment. We will talk about the origins of hackathons, how they have been driving innovation in the tech industry, and why companies of all types have been embracing this process. We will talk briefly about the growing trend of holding hackathons in the AEC industry and how NBBJ specifically has adapted this process to drive innovation within the Design Computation Group. This includes a brief demonstration of past outcomes as well as a discussion of how hackathon projects can take on lives of their own long after the event has concluded. We will also discuss marketing opportunities, as well as and the cultural benefits of hackathons that have intangible positive effects on the organization.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover what a hackathon is and where hackathons came from
    • Learn how to articulate the benefits of holding a hackathon in the AEC industry
    • Learn how to outline a process to prepare for a successful internal hackathon
    • Define strategies for building on successful hackathon outcomes