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Why This Kenya-based Design & Build Firm Moved to Revit

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    BuildX Studio designs and builds spaces that promote dignity, health, and environmental comfort in Kenya. Time and cost efficiency are key to keeping up with the pace of rapid development in the region. With the introduction of Revit, the industry has experienced a digital revolution allowing for multidisciplinary work-sharing through central models hosted on an individual firm’s Local Access Networks or through BIM Collaborate Pro. Recently, BuildX conducted a survey to determine whether it should migrate its entire design team from AutoCAD onto Revit. Two projects were used for comparison: through a short time-lapse video, you’ll see first-hand the 2x more efficient process with Revit. A housing project in AutoCAD took 3115 hours, while a similar project in Revit took just 1478 hours. Join us to hear about the powerful outcomes BuildX experienced in migrating to Revit, how we upskilled the team, and how your firm can benefit too.

    Key Learnings

    • Improve online multidisciplinary project collaboration and data communication.
    • Reduce time spent during design to maximize on design cost saving.
    • Implement coordinated clash detection between various project disciplines.
    • Estimate project cost from Revit Models.