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What Do You Get If You Cross 1 Engineering Consultant and 9 Architecture Practices?

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    The answer? A large development project. Coordinating large projects is always a challenge, much of the challenge coming from the coordination of people and not always from the technical complexity of the design. The basis of this class is the speaker's experience at the sharp end of the process on a �1.1 billion mixed-use development comprising 15,000 residential units; 150,000 square meters of commercial and academic research space; and associate shops and community facilities. As part of this class we will look at the whole workflow, from receiving data, collating data, and building infrastructure models in AutoCAD Civil 3D software, through reviewing and federating models in Navisworks project review software and resolving coordination challenges. The class will step through the processes and workflows, highlighting the critical milestones when processes need to be set. We will then look at ways to improve coordination, and we'll point out the pitfalls that can stop effective coordination.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand the requirements of multiple disciplines collaborating on large-scale projects
    • Learn how to set up effective data management processes
    • Understand common problems, pitfalls, and discover how to resolve them
    • Learn how to control the collaboration process