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Visualizing digital prototypes in context with Autodesk VRED

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    In this session we will share insights in how to review, evaluate and showcase digital prototypes in context, holistically. Using the example of a kitchen, we are showing how Fusion and Revit Data can be used in Autodesk VRED to influence and inform the design and layout process. You will learn on how to import and setup the data, prepare it for real-time and XR review and collaborate with colleagues remotely to take a educated decision. Join us and understand the value of advanced visualization and digital prototyping with Autodesk VRED for your product development process. Learn how to involve all stakeholders by delivering the same high quality visualization on any device from anywhere at any time.

    Key Learnings

    • Using Autodesk VRED for visualizing Digital Prototypes in Design and Manufacturing
    • Building holistic visualization scenes based on Fusion, Inventor and other data sources
    • Building Experiences for XR and mobile devices leveraging Autodesk VRED
    • Streaming high-end visualizations from the Cloud to any device