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Roundtable    CR2792-R
Visual Planning: BIM for Safety-The Roundtable Session
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This roundtable session is a follow-up discussion to CR2789: Visual Planning: BIM for Safety. The session briefly covers the highlights of the lecture and poses some specific questions to the group about how the concept could be used in innovative ways. The session takes the form of a brainstorming session and value analysis exercise. The floor is open for all ideas, and attendees receive aggregated notes and thoughts from the session as a takeaway. Not everyone is aware of all associated risks and hazards involved with complicated construction operations, even the professionals who perform those tasks every day. Special training is required before commencing this type of challenging and potentially dangerous work. This is where BIM aids in communication and training in a safe environment. BIM safety models can present both correct and incorrect practices side-by-side for comparison.

Key Learnings

  • Brainstorm different ways to enhance safety communication and reduce risk with innovative approaches
  • Discuss the challenges of traditional safety communication methods
  • Perform a value analysis of the ideas discussed during the brainstorm
  • Open discussion of the most pressing safety concerns in the industry


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