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Vehicle Tracking—Fully Understand What Is Possible

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    Vehicle tracking is a very easy-to-use and handy tool for creating swept path analysis. You can use it from the very first moment. However, each type of software has its hidden places to be uncovered. Come to this session to learn how to create new articulated vehicles based on given data sheets and discuss other possibilities available for creating new vehicles, including rear-axle steering. You will learn how to add load to the trailer for analysis purposes and as well as for animation. Learn how to import a vehicle created in another product, and to have rich vehicle library for animation. Reporting is an important part of the product and we will go through different possibilities offered by the product. We will also discuss roundabout design possibilities

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to create a new vehicle based on a data sheet
    • Learn how to analyze and report swept path with different loads
    • Learn how to animate a vehicle with a 3D load
    • Discover roundabout creation capabilities