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Vehicle Load Optimization in Structural Bridge Design

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    This class examines the difference between the traditional methods used to create traffic load combinations on bridge structures and the load optimization methods used in Structural Bridge Design software. We will examine the techniques that the program uses to create worst-case loading patterns according to the specification of a variety of bridge design codes. A number of different user-defined parameters are used to control the behavior of the module and we will examine these in detail. We will also discuss the benefits and timesaving garnered from using the resulting workflow. Additionally, we will use a demonstration to show how the optimization method fits into the general workflow of the design process.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand the basic techniques behind the method
    • Learn how to use load optimization to improve the workflow for bridge girder design
    • Learn how to correctly set the optimization parameters for efficiency and accuracy
    • Examine the results efficiently to check combinations created and factors used