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Roundtable    TR21528-R
Vault Experience in Infrastructure Projects: Pilot, Company-wide Roll-out, ROI
Autodesk University
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This session will focus on the know-how of the implementation and use of Vault software in an architecture, engineering, and construction company for civil engineering projects. The speaker will share experiences on the steps leading to the successful implementation of Vault software across the entire company. He will specify the key levels of the implementation and use of Vault software, and the gains at each level. He will provide actual examples of how programming can expand the possibilities of different levels, making the work even more efficient. The session will include a discussion of the actual benefits of Vault software (project plus Vault equals X% rise in efficiency and quality, which in turn leads to money savings). The speaker will present return-on-investment analysis results. This session features Vault Professional and AutoCAD.

Key Learnings

  • Discover the steps toward successful experience
  • Understand the levels of implementation and use of Vault, and gains at each level
  • Find out who gets the greatest benefits and where, through the know-how of different users
  • Discover the ROI—the real numbers in practice


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