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VRED Metadata: Post-Its Passed Down the Pipeline

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    VRED software is a renowned tool for automotive renderings and for virtual reality (VR) collaboration to review vehicle designs. Besides its popularity in automotive design, other industries such as manufacturing and engineering have been exploring VRED software's capabilities to showcase products, visualize workspaces, and test assemblies in 3D space. New to VRED 2023.3 is the ability to import metadata from CAD assemblies. Understanding how this extra data flows from one app to another may allow new ways for teams to communicate. This may include keeping track of dates throughout the project lifecycle and categorizing data for easier selection. Visualization designers can collaborate by sharing scene notes, transfer Microsoft Excel data into metadata tags, and convert physical texture sizes. They can work more efficiently, leaving scenegraph nodes unchanged and accessing metadata sets to make geometry and materials visible. Use cases for greater productivity along the digital thread connecting users are limitless.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover where metadata can be found within VRED Editors.
    • Learn how to perform simple searches and advanced custom queries for metadata.
    • Learn about increasing efficiency by connecting data across teams.
    • Discover new features that enable collaborative workflows.