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VFX Workflows for Architectural Visualization

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    This class is intended for architectural visualizers and visual-effects artists alike. It aims to demonstrate Factory Fifteen’s unique position between these 2 industries by showcasing 2 projects—a proof-of-concept science-fiction drama, and a film showcasing a stadium for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Attendees will learn how Factory Fifteen’s work in film has cross-pollinated the firm’s work with architects, creating new digital workflows and sensibilities toward “selling architecture.” As well as providing an overview, the speaker will go in detail into the filming and 3D post-production (using 3ds Max software and V-Ray) of one hero shot from each project, as well as illustrating planning and execution at every stage. The first shot involves the design, build, and animation of a mechanical robot and its integration into film footage. Shot 2 involves an elaborate time-lapse sequence over 8 years within a World Cup stadium, from tournament mode to legacy mode, dramatically replacing footage with an evolving digital sequence that leads us to the year 2030. This session features 3ds Max.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn to adopt film and VFX workflows into architectural visualization
    • Gain insights into advanced custom-lighting setups within 3ds Max and V-Ray
    • Learn how to control gigantic scene files within 3ds Max
    • Learn the value of preproduction to make the most of your budget and location shoot time