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VFX Cloud Workflows

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    For a number of years, the cloud has been a topic of acute interest for collaborative working and storage. But over the past 2 years, it's become much more than that. Now a mature, integrated system, the cloud presents a viable option for businesses that need additional compute capacity. At this moment in time the cloud, facilitated by a new integration tool from Escape Technology, offers an alternative to CAPEX spend for short-term projects or requirements. Whether you're rendering a building fly-through or the latest Hollywood blockbuster, there are always points in the project lifecycle that get tight on time. This is where burst capacity comes in. In the past the only option was to purchase or rent additional machines and licenses, but the cloud gives us a new facility. Spinning up virtual workstations, storage, and even render can give studios the extra resources they need without having to worry about purchase prices, space, cooling, and power. In this talk, delegates will learn about how the cloud has developed as a practical concept and is now being leveraged by major production companies and architects around the world. Lee Danskin, CTO at Escape Technology, will explore how cloud workflows can be used to augment - or entirely replace - an existing one. He will investigate the future of cloud working, including so-called ?born in the cloud? studios, and discuss the complexities of adding cloud burst capacity to an existing pipeline.

    Key Learnings

    • To discover how the cloud can augment a VFX workflow
    • To learn about methods of utilisation
    • To learn about the limitations and developments necessary for cloud-based pipelines
    • To understand how the cloud will impact the future of VFX working